Monday, 4 December 2006

A classic piece of online commentary

From the Guardian's over-by-over coverage:

117th over: Australia 392-6 (in reply to 551; Clarke 54, Warne 4) Seeing Giles get a wicket on this pitch, with Monty in the stands, is a bit like seeing Lorraine Kelly look radiant in a particular dress. It's nice and all but you can't help but wonder: how good would Ms Johansson have looked?


parker said...

Mike, you do a fantastic job with this blog, but why all the international cricket? I thought it was a place for you to indulge your passion for New Zealand cricket. Great idea! There's more than enough press and blog space devoted to the Ashes; NZ cricket fans don't have too many options. This is one however, and a good one. Just looking at the number of commments you get, it seems that the NZ related articles arouse a lot more interest. Why not re-focus on New Zealand cricket, which is obviously what your readers are most interested in??

Ben said...

Hey there Parker.

We post about NZ cricket a lot more when there is some NZ cricket on. So expect to see more from Thursday.

Mike said...

I think you have a point Parker. I have been kicking myself recently for not talking more about the domestic game. Unfortunately that takes more effort (there are less great cricket writers to link to) and I have been pretty short of time lately.