Thursday, 6 March 2008

James Anderson to play for Auckland

Now here is one for the books. Has a host nation ever let a member of a touring side get some match practice with a domestic team before? Bizarre. I like Justin Vaughan's response though - to paraphrase "I don't like it, I can see why Auckland want to do it, and I expect the ECB to now make similar arrangements for our players on the upcoming tour to England."


Ad Pie Chucker said...

As an England fan, I'm less sure why Auckland would want him (sorry Jimmy!) He's a little wayward to put it mildly. He wouldn't get in the NZ team depsite the aforementioned reservations of your bowling attack.

Oh dear, here comes Harmison. Try and land it on the strip, Steve-o. 339-6 at time of writing.

Jrod said...

Will they let him use the white ball, because he is rubbish with red ones.