Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Ben on...more whining please

There's some great turns of phrase in the Atheist's latest post ("New Zealand have done exceptionally badly...; rather like viewing toddlers play by the roadside."). It captures very well the change in fortunes for England. AYALACM is a very good blog. However, one can't help feeling that the very best posts, when the blog becomes great, are made when England are doing badly. So it is disappointing that England are currently trampling New Zealand.

It must be an English thing. I see that Suave hasn't even posted during the last couple of days of English dominance.

I'm going to add Suave's blog Republique Cricket to the blogroll. When he does post, he's very smart. He predicted good showings in this test by Southee, Vettori, Peiterson and Broad (with the ball admittedly). And for England to win comfortably. Well spotted Suave.


Suave said...

Why Thank you Ben, you're most kind..

I'm like the cricket blogging nostradamus!

The Atheist said...

Cheers mate.

I'll try and whine more in the future. To be honest, I suspect that England fans are happiest when we lose.

Fortunately, our team are generally obliging in this regard.

Jrod said...

To quote a manufactured alt grunge group they are only happy when it rains.