Thursday, 20 March 2008

Everything's happy in Zimbabwe - honest

You might have missed it underneath all the headlines about Daryl Hair, but at its recent meeting the ICC discussed a few things other than fat Australian umpires. They also reviewed an audit of Zimbabwean Cricket conducted by KPMG. The report highlighted "serious financial irregularities" within Zimbabwean Cricket, but the ICC were happy to accept that these were not the result of criminal behaviour and no-one profited from them - despite ZC chairman (and Mugabe stooge) Peter Chingoka admitting use of double-accounting and transfers of ZC money into overseas accounts.

The English government has already declared Chingoka persona non grata based on his links to Mugabe, but the ICC position now puts England and English cricket at risk. The ICC has clearly sided with Chingoka and is now making threatening noises about boycotts if the English Parliament refuses to grant Chingoka a visa to attend the next ICC cocktail party in London. I am guessing that this is because the ICC board members all feel that their party wouldn't be the same without all the fine champagne and cavier Chingoka so kindly buys for them out of his own deep pockets.

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