Monday, 24 November 2008

Ben on...stuff found on the internet today

A quick squiz at the Aussie blogs finds not much excitement about the weekend's test. JRod covers it, Stu mentions it and Beer and Sport make fun of Jesse.

Better add Stu and Beer and Sport to the blogroll.

I'll also add Damith to the blogroll. He's been badgering me about it in the comments so it would be only fair to acknowledge the work he has done in keeping our comments section alive. He also says nice things about our man Dan. (I'll add HoldingWilley to the links. It's a great site though I never seem to find the time to keep up with it.)

Closer to home, Sportsfreak critiques the test in a remarkably upbeat mood and the Public Address juggernaut finally posted about cricket, not in the sports blog Field Theory, but in Emma Hart's blog. Also, the Sideline Slogger has pointed me towards a blog by our very own Iain O'Brien! Awesome! He's covering every day of every test that he's in, in impressive depth. A great insight into what really goes on for pro cricketers. Highly recommended.

A new section has appeared on the Black Caps site, an archive. It's a bit rough, but the content is breathtaking. A treasure trove of stats. Did you know that there have been 18 double centuries scored at the basin? I should probably also add a link to the CricketArchive, which is the Aladdin's Cave of cricket statistics.


Leg Break said...


You do realise one of those was perhaps slightly sarcastic. But thanks anyway.

Emma Hart writes well BTW

Ben said...

You do realise one of those was perhaps slightly sarcastic. But thanks anyway.

Yes, I know. The article speaks for itself. I found all the optimism around the test rather bewildering myself so it was good to see you calling it. Personally, I can always see the good side but I was expecting more disappointment to be heard.

Emma Hart writes well BTW

She's great isn't she. Public Address is such a fantastic site overall. But while I really dig Hadyn Green's blog, I don't understand how you can sustain a sports blog and not talk cricket.

Leg Break said...

HG also knows SFA about the beautiful game.

Quite useful to touch on that on a sports blog too…

Damith S. said...

Good stuff Mike. Persistence always pays off.

Dans the man alright. Although Id like to see him stick it to Australia in the 2nd test a bit more.

It would just be brilliant to see the Kiwis win a test in Aus after so long.