Monday, 24 November 2008

Ben on...a failed experiment

Despite logic and sense being against it, McCullum is likely to bat at 5 again in Adelaide. Vettori backs him to play up the order and says "initially Brendon did really well in England". He's referring to the match at Lords where McCullum scored 121 match runs. The only other time he has impressed at 5 was an innings of 66 against Bangladesh.

He averages only 26 batting at 5, whereas his average at 7 is 33.46. It seems clear his natural place in the order is at 7. Batting him at 5 is a luxury we could just afford when we had Oram to take his place down the order, but the middle order needs more solidity just at the moment.

Shifting Brendon out of the top order also allows us to figure some balance into the batting order. Our current 3, 4 and 5 all bat at strike rates over 50, which is a mite too reckless against a good new-ball attack. I would be keen to see Flynn promoted all the way up to 3. Flynn bats at a much more sedate SR of about 40.

Shifting Flynn up into the new-ball firing range would be a big experiment too. He did a good job in the middle order at Brisbane, fighting to save both innings. However, it would be much better to have the match saved from 3 than from 6. (Ryder has done a decent job of this, but I'd rather he was an innings builder than an innings saver.)

Anticipating Fulton to come in for Elliott, this is a batting line-up I would like to see:



Suhas said...

Assuming that's the XI for Adelaide, I think Fulton and Flynn should switch places (Fulton at 3, Flynn at 6). While Flynn did an admirable job in Brisbane, he is still finding his feet at the international level and should be allowed a lengthy run at 5 or 6 to fully establish himself. Fulton has experience with batting at the top of the order and is less likely to lose his wicket to a reckless shot. Not really sure he belongs at number 6; but his position in the order is something we're yet to find out after three years of him being on the scene.

Ben said...

You're right Suhas, Fulton should play at 3. I was just thinking that he might be better off playing himself back into test form from 6. But on reflection it would be better to have Fulton struggling for form at 3 then Flynn out of his depth at 3.

Damith S. said...

agreed with you guys, fulton is a no3 and he should play there. i dont think there is a point in hiding him down low.

hopefully it works for the kiwis.

Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

I thought Taylor did a good job at 4 and would be hesitant to move him, still I guess 5 isn't a big change in role for him.