Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Ben on...'bring back Bond' is back

Looks like we'll be fighting for the Trans-Tasman Trophy not only without Jacob Oram and Chris Martin, but also without Shane Bond, according to the major newspapers yesterday.

That Shane Bond has no interest in returning to play for New Zealand (and would have retired from tests even if he hadn't left for India) is old news. However, I predict an annual excitement about his imminent return (which should run shortly after Shane Warne's annual plea to be asked out of retirement in the news cycle).

We had this year's story a couple of weeks ago when there was excitement over the fact that the BCCI was willing to talk to the ICL. According to the story, if the ICL was accepted as an unofficial but sanctioned tournament, Shane Bond's exile would be over and he could be free to play in the test series against Australia. This article ignored firstly, as I mentioed above, that (i) Shane Bond was retiring from tests and (ii) doesn't want to play for New Zealand at all anyway, but was also misguidedly optimistic about the outcomes of the talks when (iii) there is in fact no way in Hell the BCCI was going to accept the ICL.

In the end, the BCCI refused to consider making any consessions to the ICL unless they basically closed down their tournmant, which is pretty much as aggressive as you can get in peace talks. The BCCI wants to destroy the ICL and isn't concerned about any casualties.

If you are interested in revisiting the legend of Shane Bond, Cricinfo is reviewing the interview that prompted the story in the papers.

He is also currently playing in the ICL tournament, 7 wickets @ 28.14, decent enough but not electric.


Leg Break said...

I'm pleased Bond gave that interview.

For once and all it confirmed the view that he really is a selfish, money grubbing, game-playing, self absorbed toe-rag.

NZ Cricket was a tolerant and generous employer to a fault. For years he was kept on the top-level contract for pretty meagre returns.

When the ICL thing came around Bond took advantage of an NZC cock-up, and tried to take the moral high ground in chosing the option for him that involved less work.

Then he signed on the treadmill of county cricket just to prove he's a liar.

Then he said he'd love to play for NZ on the tour to England when he knew damn well that was impossible.

That was another nasty outburst.

I'll stop before I get angry.

Damith S. said...

i dont think there will ever be a return.

moyos copped a ban from the pcb.

bonds chances are pretty slim.