Thursday, 20 November 2008

Ben on...reasonable achievements

Wow! Aus 60/3 at lunch, day 1. NZ lead the Trans-Tasman clash with only about 29 sessions to play in the series.

Would it be unfair for me to make a pessimistic post now? After all, I've been composing it in my head all morning.

J-Rod has some upbeat advice for how NZ can beat Australia. Basically, bat well, field well, captain well, bowl well. Sounds like too much to hope for. I reckon we'd do better to lower our expectations. Winning a test is an unrealistic goal and we should be looking for some smaller victories. Here's a few suggestions:
  1. Win the toss in each test.
  2. Last 10 days.
  3. Have one of the Black Caps lead one of the stats, such as leading wicket taker or highest strike rate.
  4. Keep Ponting's average below 30 for the series.
  5. Every opening stand to last at least half an hour.
  6. Hasten Hayden's retirement.
  7. Make Ponting sweat about his captaincy at least once in each test. Maybe an unbreakable late innings partnership or someone defying every attempt to set a field.
  8. A first innings lead. (Wouldn't that be nice!)
  9. Drive Symonds to drink.
  10. Player of the series.

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Damith S. said...

things are looking pretty good at the moment, reckon anything under 250 is gettable !

good luck !, how about a link swap mate