Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Ben on...we're useless, especially Mike

Remember that tipping challenge Mike and I signed up for? The post-test series update has been posted at Sportsfreak. It's a close contest, with six tippers within 2 points of the top spot. Mike and I on the other hand are both within the 2-point margin of bottom place.

Our scores have also been helped by the several bonus points we've earned. Mike got a good one last week, getting a consolation point for picking that a guy who didn't even play would get man of the match. For my part, I got a sympathy point for picking Redmond to top the New Zealand test run scoring, much to Sportsfreak's amusement; he got 54, a good 189 off Taylor's top place. In my defence though I will note that Redmond is far and away the biggest scorer on tour with 545 runs and two centuries. Which just makes things that much funnier really.

The competition is going to continue through the ODI series though and we all know NZers are better at one-dayers.


Mike said...

In my defence I would only be second-last rather than last-equal if Sportsfreak wasn't quite so zealous in penalising any reference to a certain pouty mouthed blond-headed Englishman.

Jrod said...

You know what they say, great cricket minds can't predict results, they influence them.

Sportsfreak said...

Mike, you were a repeat offender in that department, you’re lucky you weren’t pinged more.

Jrod, exactly how did you influence this series?

Redmond, lol.

Jrod said...

SF, I would have thought it was obvious and needed no explanation.