Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Ben on...rating the test series

Cricinfo has rated the New Zealand and England players on their performance. The eleven English average a mediocre 6.5, while the thirteen New Zealanders rate a poor 5. But what do numbers really mean? Suave (who seems very angry these days) has expressed his ratings in words, six per player.


Suave said...

Ben, It's been a good week for the anger, I must say.

I'm sure it'll dissipate when we smash your guys in the ODIs.

By that, I mean I'll be spitting blood for the next few weeks, whilst you beat us like the bitches we are in pyjama cricket!

Ad said...

Apologies to New Zealand fans, but I've put a few quid on you guys wining the ODI series. Unbelieveable that England are favourites with the bookies. Obviously, me becking NZ has changed everything and given England some hope.