Saturday, 28 June 2008

Ben on...more links

Just in time for the last match in the England series, I am adding BBC's Test Match Special to our links. It isn't really that special, but it is a decent professional perspective.

Cricket Mystery I am adding because it is a New Zealand site. It is pretty ugly and the posts are quite stuffy (not helped by the fact that I can hear John Morrison mumbling through his moustache when I read them). Mike on Cricket can hardly point the finger with regard to site design and hackwork, but at least we don't have a business strategist on our team. Anyway, it does look like it is getting better with time and they are posting with good regularity.

Pro-fern-ity is another NZ cricket blog from the LJ fraternity. There must be more of us out there, floating isolated and lost in the blogosphere. Where are you NZ cricket bloggers? Come home.


Leg Break said...

OK then, I'll say it.

That Cricket Mystery site is dreadful.

profernity said...

Thanks for the link Ben...I never intended to start a NZ cricket blog, it just sort of headed that way in recent months. But I will add your blog to my link list in return.

Ah, the joys of blogging corruption :P.