Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Ben on...the sudden end to the season

We're not the only people to go quiet after the end of the World Cup. I went to see if had any cricket news, only to find that their sports section no longer has a cricket subsection.


Marshmallow said...

The only... ahem... cricket related news I've seen lately is well... this. :-/

coolguy1210 said...

Reading some of the comments, I am convinced that Cricket will never grow beyond the Test playing Nations. The reason is lack of initiative by Associate Boards to organize more matches. Also the ICC has no vision. And someone commented 32 test playing nations being a chaos – I THINK THE ICC SHOULD TARGET 128 TEST PLAYING NATIONS IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS.

Also, someone said that the Associate Boards cannot organize more matches since players cannot take Time Off from work. In the first place the Boards should contract 20 players whose LIFE IS CRICKET AND NOTHING ELSE. I do not understand how players can concentrate on Cricket if they have full time jobs. Playing on Weekends wont improve since it is taken as a time pass and nothing serious. The only way to improve is moving to a professional set up right away and backing the players even if they lose their initial matches.