Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Ben on...squashball in a teacup

I'd be surprised if Sri Lanka make too much of the fact that Adam Gilchrist used a squash ball in his glove in the World Cup final, despite their threats of taking it up with the ICC. It looks too much like sour grapes for the losing finalist to complain, and the early comments on it seem to suggest the use of a squash ball inside a glove is not illegal.

It's a pity this little controversy has arisen over Gilchrist's incredible innings, but I don't think it will tarnish it in any way. We all know that Gilchrist is capable of innings like that without the help of squash balls.

I have to say though, that I do think Sri Lanka has a point. While it has been claimed that using a squash ball in your glove is no different from using padding, Dileep Premachandran made the observation that having the ball in his glove fixed a problem Gilchrist was having with his bottom hand and artificially changed his array of scoring shots, shifting it away from the off-side. (A Barbados paper also has a report about how the ball might have given more power to his shots by acting as a spring.) He was clearly using it as a batting aid, not for padding or protection. I'm not quite sure what the laws say about artificial aids, but I just don't think they're on.

It isn't something to make a fuss about, but I hope he doesn't do it again and I hope others don't try stuff on as well.

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coolguy1210 said...

It was ridiculous to see matches in the WC being reduced due to reasons that can now be controlled with use of technology. The ICC should make Indoor Stadiums and Floodlights compulsory at all venues. In this way the crowds would atleast be assured of a full game and excuses such as rain and bad light would not come in. Also the capacity at most venues need to be increased so that the crowds who are ready to pay do not have to go back. This is true especially in the Subcontinent where the demands is greater than the supply.

It is imperative that the ICC makes full use of technology like Snickometer and Hawk Eye. Contrary to people's belief it wont make the Umpires fell less valued, it will mkae them more confident and would avoid errors that could affect a youngster's career No centre should be given the facility to host an International Match without having the above facilities . This would help avoid the ridiculous situation as in the WC Final where the SL's had to play on in the dark. This was a perfect example where a late start meant a late finish and gave a considerable disadvantage to the team batting second for no fault of theirs.

The floodlights would also mean more day/night matches and more families can come to watch the games after the day's work. Please wake up ICC to avoid such a mess in such crucial games