Thursday, 19 October 2006

Has Ricky Ponting lost faith in Glenn McGrath?

I know it is early days in the season and Glenn McGrath is returning from a long layoff, but last night Ricky Ponting didn't seem to put much faith in the champion fast bowler. The Aussie captain held McGrath back until first-change and then after two short spells sent him packing to the outfield. By the end of the innings McGrath had resorted to arm-waving and pleading to get the ball back. In all he only bowled 8 overs in three short spells. And, according to Cricinfo, in those spells McGrath looked rusty and failed to reach even the 130kmph mark. McGrath is 36 and Australia really do need him to be at his best if they are to regain the Ashes. Figures of 8-0-42-1 are not the end of the world (or even particularly bad figures), but Ponting's actions may indicate that he has lost a little faith in his bowler.


Anonymous said...

Just keeping him hungry for the Ashes I'm sure ;-) (He says hopefully...)

True, McGrath didn't look at his best the other night did he? He had plenty of mates though. This too, after claims he could play until he is forty - I bet there are plenty of opposition batsmen who hope that happens.

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