Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ben on...the follow-on target

Vettori's declaration on 262/6 was a good attempt to be aggressive and just what this game needed. And his three wickets were just what we needed.

On the last day, we'll be chasing 17 wickets. Very gettable. The only problem is the likelihood that NZ will have to bat again between the two Bangladesh innings, taking up extra time and requiring another calculation of when to declare. However, Karl has just pointed out to me some interesting aspects to the follow-on law (law 13).

Apparently the follow-on target depends on the length of the match, not just the grade.
Length      Target
5 days within 200 runs of opponent's total
3 or 4 days 150
2 days 100
1 day 75
The interesting aspect is that the length of the match is determined from when the first ball is bowled. So this will be a two-day match, with a follow-on target of 162, which is not all that low a total for Bangladesh. That dramatically decreases the likelihood of NZ batting again after the first Bangladeshi innings.


Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

Cheers for that info, this will make it a very interesting Day 5.

Do you reckon Dan knew?

Srinivasarao Vundavalli said...

New Zeland had to fight hard in the first test to win the series...Vettori made the difference...he played the role of perfect all-rounder...'s my blog..

plz have a look and give me some suggestions..

Damith S. said...

Well Ill be, I knew the follow on targets for the different length of match, but not that it only counted from when the game started