Thursday, 9 October 2008

Ben on...Glossy! New!

Just got a signed e-mail message from Daniel Vettori himself about the site:

We're Back!

Welcome to the new! Thanks for your patience while we got our new website ready. We hope you like it!

While the BLACKCAPS have been warming up for our series in Bangladesh, our website has undergone a transformation.

We've written to you, as a supporter of the BLACKCAPS, New Zealand Cricket or the game in general, that our new online presence is back and better than ever.

To receive regular updates on the latest news from our new look newsletter, just register on the site.

Thanks once again for support,

Daniel Vettori

And I have to say, the new site is pretty. The shambles that was the old site has been cleaned up – it now seems quite straightforward to actually find stuff. It also hits the usability notes: it's focussed on users, the pages aren't excessively busy, the navigation isn't as messed up as it was in the old site. Design wise, it's a winner.

It certainly beats the pants off the other associations, which all use pretty bog-standard templates. Cricket Australia | Tiger Cricket | ECB | BCCI (using a .tv domain, showing their priorities) | PCB | Cricket South Africa | Sri Lanka Cricket (MIA) | WICB

As I get most of my cricket from online sources these days, it's encouraging to see New Zealand leading the world in exploiting the internet. (We are kinda let down by this site though.)

That having been said, although there is a shitload of information on, there isn't a hell of a lot happening there. Perhaps there's some dynamic, interactive content coming, but until then I'll visit the site for the official word on schedules, but not much else.


richard said...

I know about people with stones in glass houses and that but shit, that Mystery Cricket site is just embarrasing.

Tell em they're not associated with NZ Cricket in any way, shape or form?

Leg Break said...

Couldn’t agree with you more about the Mystery site, although I’m not surprised.

Not sure about the NZC one. I don’t like all the black though. Doesn’t make it very work-friendly..

And for my pet hate: the capitalisation of Blackcaps. It’s fingernails down the blackboard for me.

Emma said...

The Blackcaps website is much better, great to see less random advertising as well.
Needs much more content, but I am sure that will happen over the course of the summer.
Refreshing to see that their livescore updates are much faster than that of cricinfo today.