Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Ben on...what goes on tour, stays on tour

In his spare time, Graeme Swann has been blogging for the BBC and answering questions from fans. Despite a few differences in music tastes, the touring party seems to be getting on well. Life on the road must be tough though, away from your home and family.

Graeme reckons he's not missing his girlfriend too much:
My whole view of touring is that it’s the healthiest thing possible for a relationship – three months away from me has got to be good for my missus, I’d only be winding her up if I were back at home!
But this later comment suggests he is missing her more than is admitting:
But Stuart Broad’s the one who’s forever being stuck into by the lads – he’s a very precious lad and has just had his hair done in a bob, which has led to us all referring to him by our ex-girlfriend’s names. Still, he’s a pretty boy. Whack him in a skirt and I’d give him a second glance!

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Jrod said...

Stuart Broad is a man, are you sure?