Friday, 8 February 2008

Ben on...Vettori no. 1!

It almost slipped past me, with all my attention paid to the test ratings, but with Pollock and Bond having played their last ODIs, Vettori is the best ODI bowler in the world this week! A round of applause please.

Props too for Mills at no. 7.

(We don't see Pollock above Vettori in the rankings because he has officially retired, which removes him from the table completely. That Bond stays on the table even though he is ineligible to play is a bit of a quirk. He's going to hold a slowly diminishing ranking, messing up the top 10, until the statisticians choose to remove him. Even stranger, he is going to hold onto a test ranking for just as long, because he never got the chance to formally retire, even though that was his intention.)

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Marie said...

This is great - yay him - why oh why can't there be a NZ batsman in the top 10?