Monday, 14 January 2008

Ben on...NZ bottom of the table again

Australia's Daily Telegraph has published a list ranking the test teams in order of misbehaviour, measured by the number of times they have infringed against the ICC's code of conduct.

Casting some doubt on the claim that the touring Indians are little innocents and Australia the perennial bullies, India tops the table with 43 breaches.

Team offences since 1997
India - 43
Pakistan - 39
South Africa - 27
Australia - 25
England - 21
Sri Lanka - 18
Zimbabwe - 15
New Zealand - 14
West Indies - 13

As with pretty much any set of statistics, New Zealand languishes near the bottom. In fact, the greatest individual troublemaker, Sourav Ganguly, is nearly as naughty as our whole team, with 12 offences to his name.


Ad said...

Unbelievable that Australia aren't top of that league!

Venkat said...

Pretty interesting fact....Does these stats include the penalties for slow over rate and stuffs like that?

Naked Cricket said...

seriously funny one.