Sunday, 27 January 2008

Ben Bond

The news is out that Shane Bond, who – as we've known for a while – has signed with the rebel ICL, is no longer a Black Cap. While there was some optimism that Bond might be given a dispensation to play in the remaining series before his ICL commitments begin, that was always a vain hope, as signing with the rebel league clearly breached his commitments to NZ cricket (and in fact, he had to be released from his contract) and the NZC are under no obligation to select him.

And why would he want to play? To enjoy the adulation of the crowd for one last time? Does he think we're still going to be behind him? Better if he slinks off now and pulls on the pink of the Chennai Superstars or the bubblegum strip of the Chandigarh Lions.

There's a fair bit of sympathy expressed for Bond in his decision to leave NZ, or understanding at least. And naturally I'd drop Mike in a minute if someone offered me a million bucks to blog elsewhere. The terms "security" and "young family" have been thrown about. I can tell you however, that a young family does not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. It isn't security that is Bond's reward for signing away his future with the Black Caps, it's wealth.


Sportsfreak said...

Well said Ben.

From what we understand, the like of Fleming, Baz, the stand-in captain advertising sunglasses on TV, Jake etc are earning 500k by playing in the sanctioned 20/20 tourny; as well as the central contract and other money from Fujitsu pumps and optometrists etc..

That extra 500k is greed.

It would be wrong for us to pass judgement on that greed, but we do have a right to have some distaste for the pleas of poverty we saw tonight.

Naked Cricket said...

Reckon he knows how much more international cricket his body can take - 4 over spells @ 135 kmph never broke a 150 kmph bowler. Though with Bond you never know.