Tuesday, 27 December 2005

Australia vs South Africa

There is nothing like a Boxing Day spent dozing off your Christmas supper in front of a television showing live cricket. Its even better when the cricket involves two teams full of mouthy idiots who like nothing better than to wind each other up. Anybody who followed the dig-filled build-up to the second test in Australia would have loved watching the onfield action involving Andre Nel, Graeme Smith and Shane Warne.

How could the ICC possibly contemplate banning this sort of behaviour? It is just so blimmin' entertaining.


bichishort said...

this is awesome, to find a kiwi cricket site. will keep visitin.
btw, can anyone please tell me whatever happened to ian butler?? he was the best young quick i'd seen in a long time. is he comng back or hav the selectors forgotten bout him?

Mike said...

Ian Butler spent the winter sulking in England after missing out on a contract with NZC and threatened to stay there for good, but he returned in the spring and seems to have patched things up with the Board. He is currently injured and looks likely to miss the entire season, but his rehab is being overseen by NZC staff which is a good sign for relations between him and the board.