Wednesday, 30 November 2005

Green Aussies

Perhaps it is to demonstrate solidarity for their green bowling attack? Or perhaps it is because they have rediscovered their mongrel and want to ditch the yellow image? Whatever, the Australian team will be in green when they play New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

"hideously unfashionable" ...quite splendidly put I have to say.

Just goes to show, that no matter how much anyone has tried in the past or is trying right now, to beat NZ's super cool all black out fit just isn't possible.

Karl said...

Who else is Green? Pakistan, South Africa and Bangladesh? And it's an away strip, for goodness sake.

I had accepted that they would beat us 3-0, but now I am starting to get wound up and hope that NZ opens a can of whoop-ass on them.

Ben said...

Yellow?! That's Australian gold mate!

Mike said...

Ben said:

Yellow?! That's Australian gold mate!

Someone was always going to say it.