Tuesday, 1 March 2005


How poor is our current bowling line-up? Even Bangladesh has two good left-arm spinners to complement their rubbish pace men.


Karl said...

I left the match when Australia were halfway toward the total. It was awful to watch. The last two games have been like watching a train crash that you know is coming - you know it's carnage but you can't take your eyes off of it. Only 3 players to my mind come out of the series with their reputations enhanced - H Marshall, McCullum and Vettori.

Astle is now injured (again), Cairns is out of sorts (those run outs in Auckland were woeful), Mills just can't bowl. At least McMillan is looking a better cricketer than he has in years.

Baldy said...

Hey Mike,
Dont feel to rushed about losing again. The team was undermanned and NZ without Shane Bond and Daniel Vettori is always going to be a lesser unit. Look on the bright side..Astle and Fleming both showed encouraging form and I wouldn't be suprised if Fleming blasts NZ to a competitive total in the final game. Should be a tight game!