Monday, 29 September 2008

Ben duds for summer

Looks like the Black Caps are getting their own version of the Walla-bra. The Black Caps have a new sponsor and are getting a new look, shown off here by the team's designated models Scott Styris and Chris Martin.

The new uniforms are produced by Canterbury (hence the faux futuristic look and that bloody bra). They are lightweight and highly breathable. They can also tell the player how cold or hot they are by little sensors on the shirts that change colour with temperature – as if a player standing about on a cricket field isn't highly sensitive to the sun on the back of his neck or the chill making his fingers ache. It gets better though. There are three types of 'super' trousers, for bowling (with a ball polishing patch), fielding (shock-proof) and batting (ventilated).


Leg Break said...

Good to see the sense of humour has returned to NZ cricket.

Whoever cast those 2 as models is a genius.

Suhas said...

Sense of humour? Yup, 'black' humour!

Leg Break said...

Black and grey humour by the looks of things suhas.

Sanath said...

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