Saturday, 19 July 2008

Ben on...Dhoni the rockstar

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is so important and so in danger of his fans' adulation, he needs bodyguards. But the sometime captain of the Indian ODI team won't take any old bodyguard. When he is out and about in Ranchi, he is accompanied by a group of female bodyguards.

That's cool. Rockstar cool. Bond-villain cool.

I'm picturing him protected by burly valkyries, forming a menacing phalanx around him. When it's his turn at the wicket, one of them buckles on his helmet while another hands him his bat.

The truth, as always, is rather more mundane:


Leg Break said...

The F1 boss Mosely guy got into all sorts of trouble for hiring a group of women in uniform.

What's the difference ?

Arsh said...

Women security was hired to protect him from female fans. And the reason for the protection is this:

In an incident that took place last year at Calcutta's Eden Gardens, an 18-year old girl broke through Dhoni's security cordon, ran out onto the field and hugged him.

According to close friends of the cricketer, he is yet to get over the embarrassment to scene caused him.