Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Ben on...allegiances

The latest scandal to come out of the ICC, the suspension of Malcolm Speed, is the last straw for me. It's not that I like Speed or that sacking your CEO is so beyond the pale. What makes his sacking so appalling is that the reason behind it is that Speed wanted to do the right thing about the fact that members of Zimbabwe Cricket were embezzling ICC money. So, put very roughly, Speed was sacked because the ICC wants to continue to allow Zimbabwe Cricket to steal their money. That's an unacceptable level of flagrant corruption in my opinion.

As I have no respect left for the ICC, I cannot consider it to represent the game that I love. Luckily however, with the game now being fragmented, there are other options. I am now going to consider any ICC sanctioned cricket to be on a par with the ICL, the Stanford West Indies extravaganza and the L&P Back Yard Cricket Tourney. I'm still going to follow and support the Black Caps, but while NZC is affiliated to the ICC, I cannot consider any Black Caps games to be official.


Ottayan said...

You have taken a strong stand.

Ben said...

Too right! The ICC will rue the day they disappointed this blogger!

Jrod said...

But he has very red lips, i think on that basis alone he had to go.

Mike said...

Golly Ben. I was planning to post something on this - but I don't think I could have hit quite the same level of outrage as you have. Good work!

PS ICC, you suck.