Sunday, 9 December 2007

Ben on...bad news I am having trouble accepting

I managed to miss this until today, but Sportsfreak is reporting that Shane Bond has signed with the rebel ICL from next season. The only other people who seem to be running this are Sportal and they are only reporting the Sportsfreak story (with the addition of an ambiguous statement by Steve Addison). Apparently the deal is that Bond will start with the ICl next year, but will have dispensation to play in the Black Cap tour to England as a non-contracted player immediately before the ICL tournament.

With all due respect to the Sportsfreak guys, I'm going to have to wait until I hear this in the mainstream media (it'll come out next month Sportsfreak reckons) before I can accept it. I know the money being offered is staggering and a few T-20 games a year will be easier on his body, but I simply cannot conceive of why the world's favourite cricketer would turn Judas – the fall is just too great. (And the uniforms too ugly!)


Anonymous said...

Keep yrself updated with latest cricket news everyday....

Karl said...

This story is getting stronger. Frankly, and I know I'm a lone voice here, I think NZ should keep picking the players who play in the rebel league. I don't have a problem with an unsanctioned competition - just because the ICC or BCCI are not receiving super-profits like they normally do from a competition doesn't upset me. If the players want to do it, then let them. Our cricketers play about 50 days of cricket a year, which is pathetic - if they played more, they would be in better form when they do play.

I know this argument doesn't work so well for Bond, but we can't afford to not look at class players like McMillan and Tuffey because they've played for the rebels.

Sportsfreak said...

And so, as expected, we were right all along. Remember where you heard it all first people!

Sportsfreak 1, Mainstream Media 0.