Friday, 26 October 2007

Ben on...getting better the less we play

New Zealand is going into the test series in South Africa surging up the ratings table. We have recently passed Pakistan and are now in 6th place. This was partly due, of course, to Pakistan falling in the ratings in their recent series loss to South Africa. However, New Zealand has really improved during 2007; our rating has increased from 93 to 99 this year. All the more remarkable since we haven't played any test cricket since December.

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Suhas said...

Yup, it's shocking that NZ haven't played test cricket in a long while and are still rated 6th, when you consider the results haven't been too good of late. There's a chance to put that straight, though, in South Afric. With a fit Shane Bond and a refreshed stephen fleming, who knows...

By the way, I've resumed blogging after a long time. Check out my latest article, a tribute to the retired craig mcmillan.