Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Ben on...two more years of Braces

So New Zealand Cricket have announced that John Bracewell's contract is to be extended for another two years. This was pretty much to be expected.

Other interesting news in the announcement are
It is hard to muster up much of an opinion on Bracewell's reappointment in the middle of the off season. It is fair to say that Bracewell had some good success during his time; however, the team has not shaken its top order brittleness nor the tendency to choke in critical games.

The other changes are very interesting however.

It is very good to hear that John Wright will be involved with the team. He was a very good coach of India and many of the Indian players flourished under him (many of whom are now struggling).

It is particularly good news that we have good specialist bowling and batting coaches. It always seems that we perform well as a team while the players generally fail to excel personally. If we could combine our impressive team performances with some strong individual performances, we must be much more successful.

I am also pleased with the fact that Bracewell's powers will be slightly curtailed. While it may be the case that he has never used his selection veto, right from the beginning I had the sense that he was being made out to be bigger than the team. I recall when he was first appointed that it was thought that his veto over selections might interfere with the dynamic Fleming had with the team.


D said...

Can someone please explain what is so humourous about jelly beans. I just don't get it.
Thanks, D

Anonymous said...

surely dayle hadlee has ruined enough young backs at the academy to warrent being told to bugger off rather than promoted to ruin the backs of nz's rep bowlers! how does this guy keep his job?

Anonymous said...

I think Bracewell should go. He has made a number of average decisions and ruined the top order that was building steadily about a 12 to 18 months ago. He tries to much with the batting order. One of the reasons the Aussies have done so well for so long is because they have 11 or 12 guys who know exactly what their job is on the day they turn up. Every game. You know what the exact batting order is every time they played over the last 10 to 15 years. Hamish Marshall was doing well at 6 and 7 in the one dayers and Bracewell promotes him to opener, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, over the space of a season. I know we dont have the calibre of Aussie but still, you dont see them moving Hussey all around the order, barring the retirements and injuries, of course.

I am also a strong believer of playing a game that is suited to your style. The problem with teams these days is that they all try to play the explosive game. I think a better game plan for New Zealand, considering the strength of the lower order, is to have someone like Papps opening and looking to score at 2 runs an over for 50 overs every game. Even if he gets 90* and we conserve wickets, we could be on 180 after 40 and still score around the 260+ mark regularly. The key for New Zealand is to not have the likes of Jacob oram coming in in the 15th over when we're 50/5. I think in the one day game New Zealand need to concentrate on getting consistency into their game. If this means that you try to make 260 every game instead of trying to blast 300+ every game, then we would be more successful. If not a little dull for a lot of people watching. Although, if you get to this stage you can build on it from there. Once your getting 260 regularly, aim for 270.

I would like to see more test matches played. I am gutted we lost Jesse Ryder because I think he will score a lot of international runs. Unfortunately not for NZ.Hamish Marshall was very unfortunate to play under Bracewell because I think it ruined his international career. Marshall had a lot of potential and should have been left where he was doing well and given the chance to grow. McMillan should retire.

Thats my 2 cents.